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Clayhall Nursery Testimonials


We asked some of the parents of children at Clayhall Nursery what they thought of our service. Here is a selection of what they said:

“Clayhall nursery provides different activities to develop the child’s mental and physical abilities. Clayhall nursery has made our child very strong, clever and creative in all sorts of activities. My child is very happy with the staff at Clayhall nursery and the environment he is in. We feel that our child is safe, cared for and loved at Clayhall nursery. Clayhall nursery is definitely one of the best nurseries with the most friendly & welcoming staff.”
Asoka and Prithiva Janaka

“At Clayhall nursery the children always feel welcomed, cared for and happy. Clayhall nursery allows the children to express themselves in plays and in songs, and also allows children to follow routines i.e. Lunch, Sleep, Toilet which is all completed in a relaxed and calm way. I am very pleased with Clayhall nursery. When I’m at work I feel relaxed and have a peace of mind.”
Jennifer Mitchel

“The staff at Clayhall nursery are very friendly, understanding and caring with the children. Since my child has been going to Clayhall nursery it has encouraged her to eat better, dress her herself, use the toilet when she needs to and be more independent. Clayhall nursery is the place for your child to learn, rest, play and to feel happy.”
Sammy Lawrence

“The staff at Clayhall nursery are very friendly and have close relationships with parents and our children. Clayhall nursery provides the best facilities and needs for our children. The staff at Clayhall nursery are able to provide individual requirements for children. The environment at Clayhall nursery is very cosy with very friendly staff and this results in having happy babies at the Nursery.”
Ravinder Soor

“There is a very happy environment at Clayhall nursery with very nice and approachable staff.”
Mark Luton

“We feel that the teachers at Clayhall nursery are exceptional and care for the children a lot.”
Nerys Montana

“The management and staff at Clayhall nursery are very good with children. The nursery is clean. I have been happy with all the services. I would recommend this nursery to anyone I know with children.”
Arnie Gupta

“Both our children have attended Clayhall Nursery part time from the age of 9 months through until Primary school. They have been very happy there; the staff are very committed to the children and go the extra mile to make sure they are content and developing well in their environment. As well as good activities within the setting, there have also been trips outside nu​r​sery which have been carefully organised and much enjoyed by the children.”
Ann Voortman

“My oldest daughter attended the nursery from 2009 to 2012. By the time she left we considered a few members of staff as family. The staff were extremely accommodating to any needs that my daughter had, I was given both a written and verbal summary of her day when I picked her up at the end of each day. When my daughter was due to leave she was taken to visit her new school by a few members of staff to give her an idea of what it would look like. The leavers were given a leaving party and gifts that were greatly appreciated by myself and my daughter. A portfolio of her work and photographs were given as a momentum of the years spent at the nursery. I was also given an academic record to hand to the new teacher and this proved extremely useful to my daughters school. My youngest daughter now attends the nursery I have no worries in regards to the care my daughter receives as I know staff members such as Danni and Natalie who have been working at the nursery since my eldest attended.”
Chanelle Mills

“Both of my boys started here at short notice. The staff were very helpful and friendly and done an amazing job helping the boys settling in. My youngest is always ready to come in the morning saying see friends.”
Kim V

“My daughter has been at Clayhall Nursery full time, 5 days a week since she was 4 months old. I have been more than happy with the standard of care here, the staff really do love the children and even those who have left and gone on to other jobs have kept in touch and even visit us at home, such is the level of commitment to the children. The core staff are mature ladies with grown children of their own who have a good, common sense approach to childcare. My daughter has never cried when I leave her in the morning and looks forward to her day at nursery. She has had the freedom to explore her creative side with painting and crafts and has learnt to read and write well in advance of starting Reception. The building is a little scruffy but do not judge the standard of care by the decor, the staff here are what make the place, and they don’t come much better than here.”
Suzanne H.